Total budget: $63,019,232

Total appropriations for FWRI in fiscal year 2017–2018 are $63,019,232 (includes adjustments through November 2017 plus carryover Fixed Capital Outlay projects from prior years). Slight differences in the total of all programs represented in this document are due to overhead assessments to the programs. FWRI assesses overhead to programs to supplement operational costs of the Office of the Director, Budget Office, Outreach Coordination, and Facilities Management. Overhead assessments also fund services used Institute-wide such as the Research Information Center, Specimen Collections, and Computer and Network Support. The assessments are represented in this document as part of each program budget and are also represented in the costs of the Institute operations and services mentioned above.

Fund Terms

FGTF—Federal Grants Trust Fund
GDTF—Grants and Donations Trust Fund
LATF—Land Acquisition Trust Fund
MRCTF—Marine Resources Conservation Trust Fund
MRCTF/Grants—Marine Resources Conservation Trust Fund Grants Program
NGWTF—Nongame Wildlife Trust Fund
PRTF—Florida Panther Research and Management Trust Fund
SGTF—State Game Trust Fund
SGTF/Grants—State Game Trust Fund Grants Program
STMTF—Save the Manatee Trust Fund

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