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Library staff is using a portable light table with a camera mount to digitize the Florida Wildlife Magazine collection for preservation as high quality large format TIFF files. These files will be archived and eventually saved as web accessible PDFs. This effort was made possible through a grant from the Wildlife Foundation of Florida and the William H. Flowers, Jr. Foundation.

The Research Information Center (RIC) is a full service technical research library at the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute. The RIC includes a Publications Production Office where staff edit and advise authors on proper style, grammar, and copyright topics. Professional staff are available to assist with research requests, project and dataset level metadata, data management plans, accession and distribution of agency scientific literature. There are current subscriptions to serials and a large collection of government reports in fisheries and wildlife research. The RIC works with a network of libraries including the State Library of Florida for interlibrary loan materials not in the onsite collection. The current focus is grant projects for digitization of rare and important holdings and producing Technical Reports to provide current research to the public from the FWC Digital Repository.