Ecosystem Assessment and Restoration


Florida’s diverse fish and wildlife species face threats every day. Biologists with the Ecosystem Assessment and Restoration section track many of these threats. Researchers monitor harmful algal blooms, including Florida red tide, which can cause human health and economic problems, and monitor and investigate fish and wildlife diseases and die-offs. Section researchers also evaluate the status of habitats, providing data that aid in preservation, management and restoration decision-making.


Leanne Flewelling,
Section Administrator

Amber Whittle,
Section Administrator

Annual Budget: $9,729,579
Staff: 103

Highlights on Current Research

  • stressed mangrove environment

    Quantifying Early Warning Signs of Mangrove Stress and Peat Collapse in Tampa Bay

    FWRI researchers lead efforts to restore proper hydrology to targeted mangrove locations in Tampa Bay.

  • two women on boat looking at water sample

    Red Tide Event Response

    FWC staff provide a comprehensive response to red tide event.

Sample of Active Projects

Coral Rescue
FWRI coral researchers are involved in a multi-agency effort to rescue corals from a devastating coral disease event occurring along the Florida Reef Tract.

Peace and Withlacoochee River Watershed Threats Assessment
Scientists with the Freshwater Plants research project are identifying degraded habitat and developing prioritized restoration plans within peninsular Florida watersheds.