Freshwater Fisheries Research


The fish and invertebrates in Florida’s lakes and rivers are an important natural resource. Freshwater fishing is a significant contributor to tourism and the state’s economy. To ensure the health and sustainability of Florida’s aquatic resources, the Freshwater Fisheries Research section provides freshwater fishery, invertebrate, and habitat information to those in federal, state, and local governments who make decisions that affect Florida’s freshwater resources.  The information is also made available to the public through news releases, magazine articles, social media, and the web.


Jason Dotson,
Section Administrator

Annual Budget: $4,439,886
Staff: 68

Highlight on Current Research

  • Implementing a Statewide Protocol for Monitoring Freshwater Fish Health

    The Freshwater Fisheries Research group lead a study to evaluate the health of Florida’s freshwater fishery, specifically looking at whether the use of herbicides contributes negatively to freshwater fish health in Florida. The study was unable to find any link between herbicide use and fish health.
  • Trophy Largemouth Bass Telemetry Project
    The Freshwater Fisheries Research team led a study to determine why largemouth bass in Florida get so large compared to other regions in North America. This study features a citizen science component as anglers who catch tagged bass are encouraged to report their catch and findings.