Marine Fisheries Research


The waters along Florida’s coastline attract millions of recreational anglers and thousands of commercial fishers. Marine Fisheries Research biologists study the fish and invertebrates found in the state’s saltwater environments, gathering data important for the management of these species. The section’s research includes collecting and analyzing fishing data, monitoring species status and abundance, investigating biological information, and breeding and rearing certain species to enhance or rebuild their populations.


Luiz Barbieri,
Section Administrator

Annual Budget: $25,943,686
Staff: 325

Highlights on Current Research

  • horseshoe crab with tag

    Florida Horseshoe Crab Watch – Linked with Limulus

    Through citizen participation, FWRI researchers hope to learn more about horseshoe crab stocks in Florida and the Gulf of Mexico.

  • woman on dock talking to people on boat

    Gulf Reef Fish Survey Certified by NOAA

    The Gulf Reef Fish Survey is now certified by NOAA, making it eligible for use in stock assessments.

  • bay scallops underwater

    Scallop Sitter Project

    The Scallop Sitter Program is a volunteer program that involves local community members in the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute’s ongoing scallop restoration efforts.