Wildlife Research


From the tiny beach mouse to the not so tiny right whale, Florida is home to a wide array of wildlife species. Biologists with the Wildlife Research section monitor the status of Florida’s birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. This includes species important to hunters such as deer, alligator and waterfowl, and imperiled species such as the Florida panther and the Florida manatee. Wildlife managers rely on the information this research provides to develop conservation and restoration plans that ensure the long-term persistence of Florida’s wildlife populations.


Robin Boughton,
Section Administrator


Annual Budget: $10,473,617
Staff: 129

Highlights on Current Research

  • adult flatwoods salamander

    Flatwoods Salamander Headstarting

    The Flatwoods Salamander Headstarting project is designed to increase population sizes of remaining frosted flatwoods salamanders as a means to decrease the probability of extinction.

  • birds in middle of street in neighborhood

    Survivorship and Productivity of Florida Sandhill Cranes on Conservation Lands and Suburban areas in Florida

    This study compares adult sandhill crane habitat use, survival, and reproduction between suburban and conservation areas, with an emphasis on identifying specific causes of mortality.