Freshwater Fisheries Research

man holding largemouth bass
Tracking Trophy-Sized Largemouth Bass
Jason Dotson, Section Administrator
Annual Budget: $3,358,133, including grants
Staff: 59

The fish and invertebrates in Florida’s lakes and rivers are an important natural resource. Freshwater fishing is a significant contributor to tourism and the state’s economy. To ensure the health and sustainability of Florida’s aquatic resources, the Freshwater Fisheries Research section provides freshwater fishery, invertebrate, and habitat information to those in federal, state, and local governments who make decisions that affect Florida’s freshwater resources. The information is also made available to the public through news releases, magazine articles, social media, and the web.

Articles Highlighting Current Research Within Freshwater Fisheries Research

Alligator Gar Population Assessment
Studying Alligator Gar movement and habitat use throughout the species’ range

Largemouth Bass Nest Angling Study
An examination of the effects of bed fishing on Florida’s largemouth bass populations

Sample Of Active Research Projects Within Freshwater Fisheries Research